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Lucille Khornak's goal is to create beautiful images for her clients that are a true reflection of their personality. Images that are a precious moment in time. Preserved forever.


Lucille Khornak... Her Images... Priceless





We recognize that a fine custom portrait is a sizable investment, therefore we want you to be comfortable with the selections you make.  Lucille will assist you in the selection at the studio. 


The deposit is Lucille's creative fee which also reserves her time and covers a portion of the cost of material used in creating your portraits.  This fee covers any and all consultation services and includes a signed archival 16 x 20 custom photograph. It is separate from the purchase price of other finished portraits. This is paid at the time your portrait session is scheduled.


Our studio hours are reserved by appointment only.  Should it be necessary to cancel an appointment, you are asked to give forty-eight hours of notice.  In cases where appropriate notice is not given, a cancellation fee may be charged.


Because of the custom nature of our product, we ask that you place your order at the time of your selection appointment.  Fifty percent of the order is due at the time the selection is placed, with the balance due upon delivery. Negatives, raw digital images, and contact sheets are the property of Lucille Khornak.  Under no circumstances do they leave The Portrait Specialist Studio.


At The Portrait Specialist, we are consistently striving to create the very best possible product for you.





Your portrait session is guaranteed to be fun. Lucille knows how to capture those special moments that reveal true personality.  The result is portraits with natural expressions and tremendous emotional appeal.


When discussing the upcoming photography session with your children, do not instruct them to "smile" or "be good for the pictures."  Simply let them know how much fun they will have and how much you are looking forward to the session.  Leave everything else to Lucille.  Many parents talk so much about the photo session that the child does not know what to expect and may withdraw. Lucille likes them to think of this as a playdate.


Babies are one of our favorite subjects! Babies are so sweet and soft. Please remember this when selecting the clothing for your baby's portrait. We suggest plain simple outfits. Bare feet are also adorable. We suggest bringing several different outfits for your baby.


Children are another favorite for their simplicity and innocence of childhood. The choice of clothing will "make or break" the portrait.  We prefer to photograph children in comfortable clothing. This can be either casual or a dressy look. What the child expresses has to do with how they feel in a particular garment. Lucille prefers to photograph your child in several different outfits. This way, she is capturing a variety of personal expressions.  If you would like to include a special item or toy from home, please bring it along.


Adults, in general, look best in three-quarter or long sleeves.  We recommend that women follow their normal make-up routine enhancing the eyes with two coats of mascara on both upper and lower lashes. Bring makeup with you in case any minor modification is required. Men should be sure to shave just prior to the portrait session, as there is no way to hide a "five o'clock shadow" in photography. Men do not require makeup.  Clean natural skin is the only requirement. Men should avoid the "just cut" look by having hair trimmed a week or so prior to the portrait session. This is not the time to experiment with a new look. Because of Lucille's background in fashion, beauty and advertising, she has a keen eye for details that could otherwise ruin a terrific photograph.


Groups should be in complementary colors which make the group blend together and create a feeling of family unity.  No one person should "jump" out of the portrait because of color or style of clothing. Simple timeless outfits photograph best because they are not distracting. This allows the viewer's eye to go to the faces in the portrait.


You want your portrait to stand the test of time and not appear dated by fashion fads. Our goal is to produce a timeless custom portrait for you and clothing subtlety is very important.